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Artist profile: Dalton Ghetti

Using only 3 basic tools - a razor blade, a sewing needle and a sculpting knife - Dalton Ghetti carves miniature sculptures out of graphite, on the tips of pencils. Originally from Brazil, residing in Connecticut, Ghetti works as a carpenter and has never sold any of his work, only gifted it.
working shoe

linked heart dalton

Some pieces take several months, one of Ghetti's works (the interlaced chains) took almost 2.5 years. Frustrations are apparent for working to create such miniature sculptures, especially if one chooses to not use a magnifying glass.

saw screw hammer

He originally worked with large pieces of wood and stone, then experimented with soap and wax, even chalk for a while, until he found his calling in graphite 25 years ago. His work was recently displayed in the New Britain Museum of American Art.



Another throwback from last March

why learn English

I remember walking into a clothing store in Bodrum with my friend Serena, and the stereos in store blasting some obscene song, and Serena had turned to me in shock, unable to form a sentence that made sense of the situation :)

Of course a few days later, my other bestfriend Berrak and I made a point to Serena about how valuable it is to know Turkish, but that's another story...

Books vs. E-books

I've been contemplating this for a while now, true to say since I was in 7th grade as my debate team argued that the book era would never come to an end, while the winning team argued against. We were assigned those sides, and I didn't really believe in our argument but I'll advocate romanticism any day, despite my fascination with the digital age and my obvious (and obligatory) involvement in it.

I like the smell and taste of a book. I like bookstores; what will become of them?

sleeping under water

Conrad Maldives in Rangali Island has decidedly converted its 12-seat underwater restaurant to a suite to celebrate its 5th year anniversary. Apart from the apparent luxuries that accompany this accommodation, descending into your suite underwater from a spiral staircase and sleeping underwater call for many of the obvious symbolisms - yet seems redundant to speak of them, but do daydream and go underwater about falling asleep under the constellation of schools of fish...then wake up, and go on with your life.



Blogging is a sort of diary of my online adventures, and I often find myself posting videos, songs, gadgets, websites that I had come across in the past, but haven't grown tired of - until I am up to date with my past digital adventures, there will be this occasional nostalgia in my tone.

Here's Shii, the Dutch homage to the Wii, it's hilarious. Enjoy

little music for our Sunday ears

Instructions: should be played > 4.01 pm and later, in the company of at least 2 other people and white wine. Preferably Sunday afternoon, in the spirit of a farewell to the week that is nearing an end.


Belated: Stumbledupon Pencil vs. Camera

Beautiful Saturday afternoon and I stumbled upon the work of artist Ben Heine, who is from the Ivory Coast. Frankly not a big fan of his digital circlism style but the pen versus camera collection is inspiring in a childish way.

Click here and here to see more of his work.